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The filter tap is the new black!

Add style, functionality and healthy hydration to your kitchen upgrade with a single tap! The kitchen is the heart of most homes. It’s a place where families start and finish their days. Where they eat, talk, and drink. It’s a space that in today’s modern home must...

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Hard Water? What Are they Talking About?

Have you ever been in a conversation about hard and soft water and wondered what exactly you are talking about? When thinking logically, how can water be hard, unless it’s frozen of course and then its ice – not water! Water hardness and softness has nothing to do...

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All water filters are not created equal!

Have you ever stopped to consider what exactly your water filter system is filtering out of your water and what it is leaving behind? Once upon a time water was just water. You drank it from a tap without thinking about what might be in it and just knew that it was...

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Tips to drink more water this coming winter

With the onset of winter and the temperatures start to become cooler, we tend to look for anything that can warm us up, both inside and out. This leads to us becoming less sensitive to the messages our body gives off to drink water. Winter really makes it tough for us...

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How does water affect the human body?

It's simple, if we don't drink water, it will effect the our body. The human body is mainly made up of water. Water is your body's most important nutrient and it is involved in every bodily function,making up 70 - 75% of your total body weight and the main reason why...

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Dangers of Drinking Unfiltered Water

Unfortunately, drinking unfiltered water has some health implications to consider as chemicals and other toxins are added to, or remain in the water. In South Australia, we entrust water treatment facilities with the responsibility of providing safe drinking water,...

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Ways to Keep Hydrated This Festive Season

Yes the busy, exciting festive season is here which means that our calendars are filled with events, shopping, wrapping up with work, getting ready to go on that much deserved leave, spending time with family and friends and really just enjoying the December holiday...

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Unique Gift Idea for Stocking Stuffers

Holidays are almost here and that means that Christmas is just around the corner, a very exciting time. The stocking stuffer is that chance to surprise your family and friends with something small and unexpected but will totally love and thank you for. This year, give...

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