The effects of hard water on your hair

Have you ever stopped to think about the effect hard water has on your hair?  Many of us have wondered at some point in our life as to why the texture of our hair is more dry and straw-like than usual and we think it might just be due to the change of season or even age. And, no matter how much shampoo or conditioner we use to combat this, nothing really seems to work. 

Put simply, hard water can cause issues for your hair. Because of the metals in the water, it aids in preventing your shampoo from lathering correctly. This ultimately results in your hair not being treated as the shampoo is meant to and creates the issues your hair will have experienced such as being dry and straw-like, very common symptoms.

Hard water, this is the topic that no one wants to really tell you about, the effects of hard water and what it is composed of.  Much of the water you use contains traces of calcium, iron and magnesium.  Water with relatively high levels of these metals is known as ‘hard water’.

Benefits of water softener

Water softeners work by removing the calcium, iron and magnesium, via ion exchange, making hard water, soft. As a result, this has numerous benefits not just to your hair but right throughout your home.  By reducing scale build-up, water softeners lessen damage to fittings, fixtures and appliances. This improves their durability and life span, and it improves appliances efficiency. In the long run, this will save you time and money. 

And with fewer impurities in the water, it’s also gentler on your skin. This is particularly good for people with sensitive skin, such as those who suffer from eczema.

What now?

So what does this all mean and is there an easy solution to combat the quality of water in our home? 

The simple answer is yes, switch to softer water. 

At Waterways we offer high quality water softeners for domestic and commercial use. Whether you’re looking to improve water at your business or to get better quality water at home, we have water softener solutions to treat all the water you use.