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Waterways understands that all households are different, with different needs and may have different water supply sources and requirements. As a result the technology we have developed is as diverse and adaptable as the homes and businesses we call clients.

As the longest existing water filtration and purification company in South Australia and providing the most comprehensive range of water filtration products and technology, we can find a solution for every home and budget whether you are on mains water, rain water or bore water supply. Discover what you options are below and book in one of our experts to come and provide a water solution for your home providing your family with on-demand clear, pure and chemical free water all day, every day.

To us, it’s more than just water, it’s about your family’s long-term health.

Mains Water Filtration

Even though mains water is safe to drink and use, it is not completely free of contaminants and pollutants. Truly pure water in your home or your business requires a high quality filtration system. Thankfully, Waterways can install complete mains water filtration and treatment at your home or business, providing you with the purest, safest water.

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Bore Water Filtration

If you run bore water at your home or business, we offer unparalleled water testing, analysis and recommendations from our highly experienced team. All testing is undertaken by a NATA certified lab, and is affordably priced. With the information we obtain, we can design you a complete bore water filtration system for you, ensuring you get the best quality water.

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Rainwater Filtration

Using rainwater is great for the environment, but when rainwater is untreated, it can cause problems for both your health and the plumbing throughout your home or business. Thankfully, we offer complete rainwater filtration systems for domestic and commercial applications.

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Mixed Bed Filters

In some circumstances some homes will need the employment of Mixed Bed filters in their whole of house or other water filtration solution. Mixed bed filters are used for sediment removal over a wide range of flow rates.

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Activated Carbon Filters

In some circumstances some homes will need the employment of Activated Carbon Filters in their whole of house or other water filtration solution. These are often used in conjunction with Mixed Bed Filters. Carbon filters are used for water clarification (colour removal), bacterial capture/retention, chlorine removal and odour/taste removal.

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Through our team of experts, we provide you with:

  • Technical advice
  • Hassle-free, fast delivery
  • Expert installation
  • Comprehensive scheduled servicing.

For the very best water, make it Waterways water. Contact us today for a no obligation consult.