Add style, functionality and healthy hydration to your kitchen upgrade with a single tap!

The kitchen is the heart of most homes.

It’s a place where families start and finish their days. Where they eat, talk, and drink. It’s a space that in today’s modern home must cater for so much more than just feeding and watering people. We now cook, study, entertain, do homework, run businesses, and share meals all from the often very integrated confines of a kitchen. Now more than ever, it’s the central living focus.

A great kitchen is both beautiful and functional. It should be designed around how your family lives and its specific needs.

So when its time to think about renovating your kitchen, whether it’s a complete re-model or just a simple face lift, it’s important to know what the latest trends are, what to do well and what you can skimp on (if need be!).

We picked out the top 10 things to consider – and guess what? That’s right, your tapware, and its capabilities, is one of them!

Think about the overall design

Create the kitchen that works best for the way your household lives and spend your budget on the bits that are the most important to you in this context. Do you love to cook? Make room and money for two ovens. Do you love to entertain casually? Have a big breakfast bench. The days of the traditional ‘work triangle’ with fridge/stove/sink in an efficient triangular configuration are gone. Today the kitchen is used for a variety of purposes and the layout should reflect that. Appliances should be arranged accordingly, which may mean two smaller dishwashers that are not necessarily closely located.

How hi-tech should a family go with appliances

Just as hi-tech as you feel comfortable with. Technology in appliances provides an ever-increasing range of benefits, from energy savings to improved performance and efficiency, to a reduced work load.

The colour palette

Naturals are the colours of the moment and are the safest way to ensure your kitchen doesn’t date and that you will like it for the years to come. From every shade of white, to wood veneers and rough timbers to raw concrete in muted tones, people are embracing all things organic.

What type of fridge and freezer

Do you have a big family, are you single or a professional couple? A French-door model will give you more space without necessarily reducing the freezer room below, but do you need all this cool room storage. Again, think of your home, its people and what you need.

To integrate or not

It depends on personal preference. An integrated kitchen provides a cleaner look, but some people like to show their high-class appliances. Lets face it, appliances often add up to 20% of the bill and can be quite beautiful!

.Modern kitchen layout trends

Due to modern life, and the integration of the kitchen as a living space for the family, there has been a shift and re-think of the way the space is designed and mapped out. Everybody in the family now uses the kitchen and its layout now must accommodate for this! This has meant a move away from the traditional ‘work triangle’ towards bespoke layouts with appliances and spaces mapped out in ways that uniquely suit the way the owners live.

Storage options

Cupboards are out and now it’s all about drawers!

More than one of the same type of appliance

For large kitchens with lots of daily users, renovations often include more than one fridge, oven, and dishwasher, and these can be placed at opposite ends of the kitchen.

Large kitchens can sport more than one sink and again these can be situated at opposite ends of the kitchen.

Gas or induction

With gas you have better control over cooking temperature and there’s the aesthetic aspect of being able to see the flame. However, a naked flame can be a hazard for little and big people alike!

The alternative, induction, also gives extremely good temperature control. The hotplates remain cool to touch immediately prior and post-cooking, so there is less chance of accidental burns, and the surface space can double as a preparation area when not in use. The cool surface also helps to make these cooktops very easy to clean. But the con is that you may have to invest in the right cookware.

The butlers pantry craze

It may not be number one on everyone’s list but it’s certainly very desirable for those people whose budget and space allow for it. A butler’s pantry hides a multitude of sins and is the perfect place to store glass or plateware that’s not used every day.

Tapware – it’s all in the drinkable details

It’s important that this detail, although small, doesn’t let you down! With endless choice available these days, it’s important that your tapware not only looks seamless in your kitchen’s overall design but provides the right water for you and your family.

Filtered water is a must. Not only does it provide your family with the freshest, best tasting water available, it’s safe, chemical and bacteria free and reduces your spend on bottled water. (no need to mention the obvious environmental benefits too!).

Now you can have your filtered water provided through a selection of very stylish 3-way mixer taps which are able to provide filtered water, or mains hot and cold water from the same tap.

One tap, all the types of water you need and less bench clutter, it’s a no brainer in any kitchen upgrade!

Waterways – style, function and the cleanest, freshest water available on tap!

A true water expert, we at Waterways provide a range of stylish 3-way mixer taps for our customers, some of which are vastly superior to the industry standard and very affordable. Our vast knowledge and experience and varied range of products allows us to provide complete water health solutions depending on the need of the individual.

So for the most superior and most stylish drinking water solution for your updated or completely new kitchen, think Waterways.

Because to us it’s more than water, it’s about individual style, long term health and well being.

Waterways, quality ways with water.

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