Bore Water Filtration

If you run bore water at your home or business, we offer unparalleled water testing, analysis, technology and recommendations from our highly experienced team. All testing is undertaken by a NATA certified lab, and is affordably priced. With the information we obtain, we can design you a complete bore water filtration system for you, ensuring you get the best quality water.

Why Filter Bore Water?

Every bore is different and water quality varies enormously across Australia. Typical issues are hardness, manganese, iron contamination, solids contamination, pH issues and general water quality. Typically bore water is harder than mains water and requires specialist treatment options. Because it is sourced from deep beneath the ground, bore water often contains iron and manganese and is considered ‘hard’ water. This water can stain washing, bathroom tiles, screens and other things it comes into regular contact with. In addition, both iron and manganese can cause corrosion to the copper piping used in plumbing.

Total Bore Water Testing

With a small sample of your bore water, we can undertake complete laboratory testing and build an accurate profile of the water you use at your home or business. The results of these tests typically take one week to come back. Once you have the results, how you proceed is completely up to you.

Designing the Perfect Bore Water System

Most bore water is considered ‘hard’, and as a result, often requires the installation of a water softener. To ensure you get the best results, we conduct flow rate assessment in addition to water testing. This allows us to select the right water softener to treat your bore water. We also consult with you about your water usage to determine whether you require a twin column system.

In addition to water softeners, we can determine whether you require a pre-filter, or in the case of very dirty water, a sand filter. Once we have designed the perfect system for your home or business, we can fully install it and ensure it is operating at the highest level.

As each bore and also home or business that uses bore water as their water supply is slightly different, it is best if one of our expert water technicians visits your property, talks with you, and provides advice on the best solution for your home and budget.