Looking for the perfect gift to give even the hardest people to buy for this holiday season?

Sick of spending money on things that you are not sure they will like, or need, or toys that will only be used for a minute and then end up contributing to the enormous amounts of landfill that the festive season creates?

Why not consider giving the gift of clean, fresh and clear water available 365 days a week in the convenience of your friends own kitchen. A gift that: can be enjoyed year round by everybody in the family; that contributes to long term health benefits; that is delicious; that benefits the environment and that will keep on giving every day!

It’s absolutely perfect and easy and doesn’t involve copious amounts of wrapping paper!

Granted, it’s not the usual present the jolly man in the red suit brings, but we know it will be something very well received by your lucky friends!

Not convinced? Let us provide you with some of the reasons why a Waterways Undersink Water Filter is the ultimate stocking filler for absolutely everybody!

The health benefits.

All water sources, mains water, bore water or rain water, have a variety of chemicals, bacteria and acidity in them. Most of these unwanted bi-products are immediately harmless in this diluted state, however, long term they can affect your health, your skin and hair, the taste of the water, its ability to clean, and can even cause damage to the infrastructure of your home.

Chemicals, bacteria and other toxins are either added to, or remain in the water we drink what ever the source. Some chemicals, like chlorine and fluoride, are deliberately added to the tap water for specific purposes including the disinfection process, which is used to rid the water of harmful micro-organisms.

Other contaminants that can be found are: lead; by-products called trihalomethanes (THMs) that form when the chlorine reacts with organic matter in the water; chromium and arsenic (which is naturally occurring in certain types of rocks and can potentially contaminate groundwater and underground reservoirs).

There are several others contamination risks that can also enter the waterways from industrial effluent directly emptied into the ground water systems or from contaminated soil.

All in all it adds up to a pretty toxic cocktail, albeit diluted.

By filtering water you are able to remove these toxic chemicals and bacteria, deter these potential health threats, increase your chances of boosting your immunity, gut health and skin health and improve the taste of your water.

Your friends will thank you!!!

The gift for the whole family that keeps on giving!

It’s not often you can give a single item that benefits every person in the house. An undersink water filter might not be glamorous but it does just that on every day of the year! The other amazing benefits include: it’s limitless, convenient and sharable without causing fights! A miracle on tap!

It tastes delicious.

Filtered water tastes better, in fact, it tastes delicious. It will help your friends and family drink more water (which is always a good thing), but will also make their cooking, food, tea, and coffee taste better. Tick!

Adding style and value to the kitchen.

Now at Waterways, you can have your filtered water provided through a selection of very stylish 3-way mixer taps that are able to provide filtered water, or mains hot and cold water from the same tap.

One tap, all the types of water you need and less bench clutter, it’s a stylish and valuable addition to any kitchen. Tick tick!

Saves the earth by reducing waste and saves their spare change.

It’s a benefit that we don’t often think about but providing your friends and family access to filtered water from the convenience of their own kitchen means that they can fill up before they leave home and will no longer need to buy bottled water. This not only reduces waste and makes them an environmental warrior, but it saves them all that spare change! Brownie points.

Help uphold New Year’s resolutions.

“Drink more water”! It’s a common resolution to make and an easy one to break. Filtered water tastes great and will make sticking to this one a piece of cake. After all, we are supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day!


…as we come into the summer months, why not give your friends the gift of filtered water. A gift that will not only bring a smile to their faces but will help keep them hydrated with clean, clear and fresh tasting water in the convenience of their own kitchen for 2018 and beyond!

And while you are at it, invest in one for yourself! Ho Ho Ho!

Waterways, quality ways with water.

A true water expert, we at Waterways are able to provide a range of water treatment solutions for our customers, some of which are vastly superior to the industry standard and very affordable. Our vast knowledge and experience and varied range of products allows us to provide complete water health solutions depending on the need of the individual.

For the clearest, cleanest and freshest water available throughout your home, speak to a Waterways expert today.

Because to us it’s more than water, it’s about long term health and well being.

To find out more or to speak to a Waterways expert call 8186 0189 or visit www.waterways.com.au