A Waterways tap is the new black!

Be one of the first to install a brand new black Waterways three-way mixer tap

and take your FreeFlo water filtration system to the next level!

Do you know what your family is drinking?

We can test your water to determine exactly what’s in it. You might be surprised!


Three-Way Mixer Taps

A stylish way to have hot and cold filtered water on tap.

Friends Share Healthy Water

Refer a friend to Waterways and you could both receive a $25 credit voucher!

Your Home Water Solution

We have a range of water filters, softeners and other products to ensure that you have top quality water in your home for you and your family.

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Do you know whats in your water?

Do you know know what is in the water you and your family are drinking? Make sure its chemical and bacteria free with Waterways

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Due for a filter change?

Our technicians are the most experienced in the field and we can quickly replace water filters and completely test your filtration system,.

Book a filter change today.

At Waterways, we understand water. True industry experts, we have been in the business of water since 1987 and are fully experienced in water filtration, purity and treatment. An Australian based company, Waterways has superior water filtration products and a greater variety of options to suit modern household and business needs.

To us, it’s so much more than just water. It’s about long-term well-being. We care about your family’s health and providing you with the cleanest, clearest, best tasting water all day, every day, on demand.

Don’t wait a second longer for the very best water, choose Waterways.

Time to Change your Filter?

At Waterways, we provide you with top quality replacement water filters for superior drinking systems, supplied and installed at a time that is convenient for you.

The Waterways Blog

Want to know more about the benefits of filtering your water and dangers of not? The blog provides interesting facts, figures, and tips about water and its important role in your health.

Superior Water Filters

We use water every day, in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom and outside. That’s why its so important to have the best water filter technology for your home!

The Real Experts in Water

Since 1987, we have been designing and building innovative water filtration systems, and working in all aspects of water purification, filtration and treatment. Trust us.

Home Service

At Waterways we understand that you want water filtration to be easy. You want quick, accommodating access to water filters without having to deal with pushy sales people, mandatory filter changes, and unreasonable charges. That’s why our Water Filter Service Centre offers installation, testing and maintenance of water purifiers at your convenience.

Based in Adelaide and servicing everywhere from Gawler to Goolwa, our Water Filter Service Centre provides complete retail service for drinking systems and is great value for money. We have a team of skilled technicians who are able to visit your home or business and ensure your water purifier is working at the highest level.

Our technicians are the most experienced in the field. We are able to replace filters in all brands and by using our own products, can ensure that you get the best quality. Unlike other water filter companies, we do more than just replace water filters, we completely test your filtration system, ensuring it is in the best working order.

You can also order our filters for rapid delivery!

Or if you are looking for replacement water filters but don’t want to take advantage of our installation service, we’re happy to send the filters directly to you for do it yourself installation. We can also send filters to you if you live outside the Adelaide area.

To organise a visit from one of our skilled technicians, or to arrange a filter delivery, call us on (08) 7089 8392 or email us using our contact form.

The filter tap is the new black!

The filter tap is the new black!

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Clean, clear, fresh water. The very best gift of all!

Clean, clear, fresh water. The very best gift of all!

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Hard Water? What Are they Talking About?

Hard Water? What Are they Talking About?

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