Freeflo Plus is the superior water filtration system available on the Australian market, the best drinking water solution we provide our customers, and is less expensive than most competitor brands.

It has been specifically designed to provide you with a constant source of sweet tasting, clean, bacteria & chemical free water at just 33c per day over the lifetime of the filter.  Waterways recommends changing filters every 12 months for average household use.

Its superior four-way filtering technology removes 99% of the harmful bacteria, heavy metals, odours and all chemicals of tap water, and gives your family access to clean, safe, and delicious tasting drinking water from the comfort of your kitchen.

How this water filter works

The Freeflo Plus works four ways to give you better water!

  • Removes Chemicals and Heavy Metals – The electro-static outer wrap removes harmful heavy metals and pollutants
  • Removes Bacteria – The outer wrap stops bacteria such as Ecoli getting through
  • Remove nasty odours
  • Removes Dirt and Sediment –  So you get water that’s crystal clear
  • Removes Organics and Chlorine – The 0.45 micron filter takes out organics, chlorine, trihalomethanes, and all other nasties.

A more compact water filtration system

Waterways superior technology allows the filter system to be stored in just one cartridge. Therefore, our system takes up 50% less room under your sink than most competitor’s brands.

The Tap – Your Choice

When you purchase a Freeflo Plus water filter system you have a choice of any of our designer taps either in single format or as a three-way mixer tap. The choice is yours depending on your kitchen aesthetic.

  • Single Tap – A single tap provides a dedicated filtered water tap in your home. Your designer options for this tap can be seen here.
  • Three-way Mixer Taps – this tap reduces sink clutter by having just one tap. Clean filtered water is accessible through this tap which also provides mains hot and cold water. Your designer options for this tap can be seen here.

Benefits include:

  • Chemical free water on demand – it removes high percentages of chlorine, fluoride, pollutants and other chemicals and heavy metals that have found their way into the water
  • Bacteria free water on-demand – it removes harmful bacteria like E.coli, giardia, water-bourne microbes and other pathogens
  • Removes heavy metals – zinc, lead, magnesium and other mentals can find their way into our water. By filtering your water you are removing these potential harmful bi-products.
  • More compact unit than competitors, taking up less undersink storage
  • Installed by expert water plumbing technician and maintained yearly by these same experts
  • Convenient and environmentally friendly
  • Six designer tap options available to suit any kitchen aesthetic.
  • Professionally designed, superior quality designed components
  • On-demand at all times
  • At just 33c per day it is a fraction of the cost of spring and bottled waters
  • Assembled and manufactured in Australia from the highest quality components
  • Backed by 2 year limited warranty
  • Subject to stringent quality control procedures
  • Recommend filter change once every 12 months to maintain water quality.
  • Able to change the water filter yourself or have one of our experts do it for you.
  • Waterways is a highly respected Australian water expert company, established in 1987.

Filter cartridge life will be determined by the quality and the volume of the water that is being treated. We recommend that cartridges be replaced at least annually.

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