Waterways CF3 Calcite PH Correction System

Calcite is a food grade safe to drink pH adjustment mineral readily absorbed via flow of water through the material. Calcite filters are used to raise pH in acidic waters to a neutral level, typically pH 7.0 is optimum. Low pH waters are very corrosive and outside of safe water guidelines.


TypeCalcite pH Correction Filter
DescriptionSelf standing pressure vessel (blue) with top mounted valve
Media Tank16” (41cm) x 65” (165cm)
wound fibreglass pressure vessel
Media125kg of calcite
Control ValveClack flow through valve
Flow Rate - Continuous40 litres per minute
Flow Rate - Peak50 litres per minute
Maximum Pressure600 kpa (85psi)
Minimum Pressure175 kpa (25psi)
Inlet / Outlet Pipe3/4” (20mm)
Drain PipeN/A
Note: Product specifications are a guide only and can change without notice.