Waterways CC1 Quad Action Drinking Systems

Waterways CC1 Quad ActionWater is an integral part of all our lives. We all have to drink it to ensure we stay fit, hydrated and healthy. In addition, we use it for cooking, in tea and coffee, and for a range of other reasons. With that in mind, it makes sense to use the best quality water available. At Waterways, our drinking systems are designed to give you access to the clean, pure and safe water all from the convenience of your kitchen.

Quad Action – Better Water, Four Ways

The CC1 Quad Action Filter works four ways to give you better water!

  • Removes Heavy Metals – The electro-static outer wrap removes harmful heavy metals and pollutants
  • Removes Bacteria – The pharmaceutical inner stops bacteria such as Ecoli getting through
  • Removes Dirt and Sediment –  So you get water that’s crystal clear
  • Removes Organics and Chlorine – The 0.45 micron filter takes out organics, chlorine, trihalomethanes, etc.

More about the CC1 Quad Action

The CC1 Quad Action filters we use in our premium drinking systems feature the electrostatic outer wrap, ensuring a greater filtration performance over standard carbon block opposition filters. The 0.45 micron rating delivers excellent quality water every time. We recommend replacement of your CC1 filters every 12 months. However, unlike other filter providers, we always leave your choice of replacement water filter up to you.

We offer a range of water purifiers for your home, with both undersink and countertop options available. Our undersink water filters come in both classic and premium alternatives, ensuring that you get the right drinking system for your budget. When your water system is installed we also ensure to check your water pressure. If it measures over 600 kPa we can fit a pressure valve for safety, protecting your kitchen from any damage.

Through our team of experts, we provide you with:

  • Technical advice
  • Hassle-free, fast delivery
  • Expert installation
  • Comprehensive scheduled servicing.

For the very best water, make it Waterways water. Contact us today for a no obligation consult.