Mains Water Filtration

Even though mains water is safe to drink and use, it is not completely free of contaminants and pollutants. Truly pure water in your home or your business requires a high quality filtration system. Thankfully, Waterways can install complete mains water filtration and treatment at your home or business, providing you with the purest, safest water.

Why Treat Mains Water?

In order to get rid of bacteria and other contaminants, mains water is treated with chlorine. Though chlorine is only used in small amounts, it is a toxic chemical and avoiding chlorine intake is desirable. In addition, treating water with chlorine produces by-products known as trihalomethanes, which can have adverse health effects.

Filtering mains water with one of our Big Blue whole-of-house filtration systems ensures that these potentially dangerous chemicals are removed from the water. Alternatively, an undersink drinking system offers safe treated water at a single tap. The choice is yours.

Treating mains water can also have positive benefits for your plumbing pipes and fixtures, and your appliances. In some areas of Australia, mains water is considered ‘hard’ water, contaminated with traces of calcium, iron and magnesium. These metals can cause corrosion, scale build-ups and damage to appliances and surfaces that regularly come into contact with water.

Water softeners remove these elements from mains water, giving you softer, purer and safer water. Ask us about the treatment options best suited to your needs.