The Ripple Effect

Waterways and KickStart with Kids Initiative

In a program called The Ripple Effect – Waterways has joined forces with KickStart for Kids with the ultimate aim of providing every school in South Australia with clean, clear and sweet tasting filtered water at drinking sources available to children in the school yard. So they can have access to the right kind of water to fuel their days.

Currently Waterways contributes a percentage of every domestic water installation fee that they undertake to the KickStart for Kids Breakfast Program. These funds go towards feeding the children of South Australia breakfast so they can start their day the right way. In addition to helping provide a healthy breakfast, Waterways will be pairing this with the provision of clean, clear and safe sweet tasting water at these schools at their own cost.

It’s a massive and important project and one that Waterways is committed to achieving. Like all projects, it’s going to take time and take place in stages. And Waterways will need the help of each of these school communities.

Stage 1

Stage one is kicking off this month. During this stage Waterways is at their own cost aiming to place a Freeflo water filter at each of the schools that is involved with the KickStart for Kids Program, in proximity to where they conduct their breakfast programs.

It is our desire at Waterways, that this water source to be made available too all children of this school at all times of the day to fill and refill their water bottles. This will provide this school community with a constant source of sweet tasting, clean, clear filtered water. Water power!

Stage 2

At the completion of Stage 1, Waterways wish to provide the opportunity to partner with every school in South Australia, that is interested in providing clean, clear and sweet tasting water sources to their students as a part of their Ripple Effect initiative. Each school will be treated independently depending on their needs, resources and the best solution determined.

Small ripples end up creating big waves

In having access to clean, clear, sweet tasting water, the school children of South Australia will be super charged. It’s these small, but very important everyday things that add up to creating a brighter moment, a better result, a bigger future.

To find out more, to bring this opportunity to your school community, and to join with Waterways achieve their aim of providing the very best water to power the children of South Australia, get in contact with us today.

Help us start the ripple in your school that will build the wave of healthy change.

Because to us, it’s more than just water, it’s about long term health and well being.